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We promise you will be delighted with your new spectacles

  1.  Delighted with how well you see
    We want you to get the clearest vision possible in your new glasses so we will recommend the lenses that will perform the best for your eyes and prescription.
  1. Delighted with your look
    We want you to look great in your new glasses so we will tell you all about the latest styles, colours and shapes available and recommend frames based on your face shape, colouring, hairstyle and your own personal style.
  1. Delighted with how they feel
    Your new glasses must be comfortable to wear. To make sure that they are an excellent fit we will perform a bespoke measuring service that allows us to fit your new glasses with expert care, we will advise you on how to keep them as light as possible and we will service your glasses at any time after you have purchased.
  2. Delighted with your easy life
    In this busy world there are many complex demands on our eyes whether you are driving at night, use a VDU all day, play fast competitive sports or simply sewing and watching the TV. We will make sure that you get the lenses that make your life as easy as possible.
  3. Delighted with the price
    Regardless of how much you spend we will make sure that we recommend the very best products for your budget.