Hoya Distortion Free Rimless Eyewear

HOYA Distortion-Free Optics

Rimless? Try Limitless
Revolutionary new eyewear system, thin, lightweight, easy to clean and Distortion-Free!

If you are looking for the ultimate in lightweight eyewear that is free of distortions there is no need to look any further. Distortion-Free Optics™ from HOYA Vision Care and Avantek™ offers a unique lens design, material, treatment and mounting system combination.

The inventors of the Avantek Mounting System™ have simplified the attachment system of the frame to the lens.

There are no holes in the lenses … and since there are no holes or screws or rims, the precise optical properties of the lenses are preserved.

The design is clean … almost like having no frames at all! And the product is simple … easy to clean, no screws to come loose, no wires to loose nor lenses to fall out.


See the difference!

Drill-mounted lenses (on left), HOYA Distrotion-Free Optics with the Avantek Mounting System (on right)

The inventors of the Avantek Mounting System™.are also the inventors of Flexon®, the most significant innovation in eyewear frame technology in the past two decades.