NightDrive glasses

NightDrive glasses without prescription – for a more comfortable driving experience. €35

Yellow polarised lens which improves the perception of landscape relief, reduces glare and improves colour contrast.

Tips to help you see better when driving at night:

1. Clean your windshield. Dirt and dust can make it harder to see. Don’t forget to clean the inside too.

2. Clean your headlights. Dirt covering your headlights can make them appear dimmer.

3. Maintain your windshield wipers. Replace them at regular intervals and keep them clean.

4. Dim the dashboard lights. This reduces eye strain and helps you see better at night.

5. Regular eye examination to ensure that your glasses or contacts prescription is up-to-date.

6. Keep your glasses clean. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to make sure your glasses are clear and easy to see through.