Pepe Jeans Eyewear

Pepe Jeans glasses offer trendy, young fashions with exciting designs that challenge modern vogue with their avant-garde creations. The frames use dramatic colours with delicate design details to produce eye-catching spectacles.

From €99

Pepe Cane C1/Black 53-18

Pepe Cane C3/Blue 53-18

Pepe Hudson C2/Tortoise 56-15

Pepe Myla C1/Brown 52-17

Pepe Myla C4/Purple 50-17

Pepe Myla C3/Olive 52-17

Pepe Harry PJ3333 C3/Blue 49-18

Pepe Bingham C4/Khaki 54-18

Pepe Agnes C1/Black 48-17

Pepe Agnes C2/Brown 48-17

Pepe Eleanor C2/Brown 52-16

Pepe Reece C1/Black 50-17

Pepe Mable C1/Purple 51-15

Pepe Melvin C1/Black 53-16

Pepe Thor C1/Black

Pepe Mia C2/Brown 52-16

Pepe Bella C3/Burgundy 52-17

Pepe Mira C3/Beer 49-16

Pepe Sabella C1/Black 52-16

Pepe Sabella C4/Navy 52-16