Eye Test

As you would expect, a comprehensive eye examination is performed to determine if you require spectacles. The examination also involves checking the health of your eyes.

Brown haired bearded man in an eye test
Mature woman with brown hair in an eye test

We are trained to recognise pathology and will refer you to the relevant specialist if required. The various tests performed during the examination are tailored to each individual depending on symptoms, family history and results.

At the end of the examination we will explain the results of the tests carried out and determine whether you need prescription spectacles or not. Should you require them, we will recommend the correct type of spectacles.

A thorough eye examination is recommended for everyone every two years whether they need a change in prescription or not.

Eye exams are free for qualified PRSI and HSE card customers and there is an allowance towards glasses!

The price of an eye examination is from €40

PRSI – If you or your spouse, pay PRSI (either self-employed or employee) you may be entitled to a free sight-test and spectacles if required.

Contact us with your PPS number & date of birth and we can check your eligibility online with the department of social and family affairs.

Medical Card – If you hold a current full Medical Card you are entitled to a free sight-test and spectacles if required.

Contact us and we can organise the paperwork for you and post it to your local health centre for authorisation. When you receive your authorisation form back from the health board, please contact us for an appointment.