Specialist Optical Appliances

We have a wide range of specialist optical appliances available in store or to order;

Swimming goggles

Progear sports goggles

Bollé safety spectacles

Cébé cycling glasses

Recumbent glasses

Eschenbach low vision aids / magnifiers

Folding reading glasses

Polarized clip – ons

Wrap sunshield / overspec

Clip on & flip up ready reader


Swimming Goggles

Swim Swim 2

Our range of prescription swimming goggles have a sleek design with two bridge fitments supplied as standard and a fully adjustable head-strap.



Sports Goggles


General protection goggles with soft nose pads and straight temples to increase protection, which are hypo-allergenic. Supplied with detachable velcro adjustable neoprene retainer. All Progear frames have a raised rear bevel to reduce the risk of the lens being knocked through. For best protection, we strongly recommend glazing with polycarbonate or Trivex lenses.



Bollé Safety Glasses

Bolle 2 Bolle 1

Bollé Safety Prescription glasses guarantees an optimal level of protection, in strict compliance with European standards and also offers you a wide range of carefully selected frames both in plastic and metal.



Cébé Cycling Glasses

Cebe 2

Cébé Sportech is just right for all your sports activities, in all kinds of weather with 3 pairs of interchangeable lenses, an adjustable nose piece and thin stems. An optical insert for your prescription can also be supplied.



Recumbent Glasses


If you like to read in bed but find it really difficult to get in a comfortable position that doesn’t strain your neck, or tire your arms, then check out these cool Recumbent Glasses.

These innovative glasses bend your vision 90° using two optical-quality glass prisms.

So you can lie flat on your back, with your head resting comfortably on the pillow while you read, watch television or even work on your laptop.

A great solution for recumbent lounging indoors or out -aside from reading in bed, you can also use these glasses outdoors on a hammock or on the beach!

They can also be worn over normal glasses.

So no more holding the book above your head, just hold it upright and let the recumbent glasses bend your vision 90 degrees!



Eschenbach Low Vision Aids & Magnifiers

Low vision 1 Low vision 4 Low vision 3












Folding glasses & clip ons

23337 RR





Wrap sunshield / overspec


Clip on & flip up ready reader

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